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Introduction page to various activities for your holiday!

Fishing on the Algarve!

Information for all you fishing fans and otherwise fishing interestedGet that big one on your holiday!


Canoeing for the whole family in relaxed atmosphere

Discover the beautiful Algarve landscape seen from the riverCanoeing for the whole familiy. In our special canoeing programme you will also find a adventure boat trip, suitable for the whole family.

Santa Bernarda - On board a nostalgic Caravelle

A unique opportunity to discover the Atlantic. Let yourself get carried away into nostalgic times with a beautifully restored  sailing shipSchip Ahoiy- Sta Bernarda and visit some of the many fantastic caves in the coastal area.

Algarve Golf!

Some of the world’s most well known golfers like to practise here. Mentioned are here the various courses with their specific informationGolf.

Algarve cruises!

Enjoy Portugal in a different way. Sailing along the coast enjoying the sun shine and beautiful coastal landscapes. Just unforgettable!  Cruising the Atlantic



Ocean diving! Pure temptation !

Watch the Atlantic form the inside out... Beautifull diving spots you don’t know how?? Here you can book crash courses or just discovery dives. There are several schools in the area.

Special excursions! Discover the Algarve individually guided!

You prefer to go on your own, or better said, discover with a private guide and his boat the beautiful Algarve coast?? We can offer you this. Check out the next coming pages.

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